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Life Recovery Centers welcome you to take the first step toward transforming your life challenges into personal successes. If you struggle with addiction, anger, anxiety, depression or trauma, LRC can help you take steps in a positive direction. 

LRC counselors help individuals, couples, and families who are struggling in some aspect of their lives, by supporting them as they look deep within themselves.  LRC counselors offer education, a therapeutic setting within a safe context, direct challenges to distorted thinking, re-framing of ideas to transform shame, and a good sense of humor as ways to learn, change, heal, and to discover the strengths already within you. 

Alex Castro

A Message From Our Executive Director

“We at LRC believe that as the client you are the expert on yourself. As the expert on yourself, it is also wise to have a genuine connection with your counselor as you begin working on the intricate parts of your Self.  We at LRC are here to provide that genuine connection as we know the transformative power of the client/counselor connection.  I deeply believe in the LRC team, and know without a doubt, each one of them wants to help others.

I want to welcome you to LRC, and hope that we can serve you well as you head into the next chapter of your life, healthier and happier.

– Alex Castro

Meet Our Team

Alex Castro Croy : Not My Chicken

Innovative, creative fun tool used to set personal boundaries as self care tool as a professional and in personal life.