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About Us

We at LRC believe that as a client, you are the expert on yourself. That being said, when it comes to working on the intricate part of the Self, you as the client need to have a genuine and authentic connection with your counselor.  Owner Alex Castro and the LRC team are dedicated to facilitating that connection and encouraging personal growth.

Alex Castro specializes in working with diverse clients who struggle with anxiety, addiction, anger and trauma. Alex has worked in the area of anger management, substance use and EMDR, as well as communication skills within relationships. Alex takes pride and joy in working with a wide array of clients of all walks of life that desire to evolve and grow from their life experiences. His experience working with various systems (Probation, Human Services, DOC, and Community Mental Health) have given him a wide array of exposure to a diverse population with various needs. Helping others help themselves through empowerment and positive change is a passion.

Every client’s needs are different and being an eclectic/integrative therapist has served Alex’s clients in meeting their needs.  His  therapeutic techniques vary from EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral, Client-centered, Existential/Depth and Reality therapy.  These techniques have been proven effective in experience with men, women, couples, individuals and groups. To learn more about our team click the button below.