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Innovative, creative fun tool used to set personal boundaries as self care tool as a professional and in person life.

A Message From Our Executive Director

“We at LRC believe that as the client you are the expert on yourself. As the expert on yourself, it is also wise to have a genuine connection with your counselor as you begin working on the intricate parts of your Self. We at LRC are here to provide that genuine connection as we know the transformative power of the client/counselor connection. I deeply believe in the LRC team, and know without a doubt, each one of them wants to help others.

Alex Castro Croy

Helping People Reclaim Their Lives After Addiction

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Alex Castro was inspired to pursue his current career after serving as a probation officer in the Denver juvenile justice system. “I saw that there was a lack of investment in services for the Spanish-speaking community, and that there was a deeper need than just basic psychoeducation classes. There was a need for deeper trauma services, and my clients were not receiving that,” he said. Since taking over Life Recovery Center in 2015, Alex has greatly expanded its service offerings. “We have to focus on the individual holistically. We’re empowering each client to move forward one day at a time, giving them the tools, resources and support they need to reclaim their lives.”

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