Level II 4+

Starts at $40

What is Level II 4+?

Level II 4+ is a program for individuals who have been charged with 4+ DUI’s, in addition to having been charged with a felony (felony DUI.) These clients do not qualify to re- take the standard interventions for Level II Education and Level II Therapy.

This group is an Assessment based intervention that addresses issues that led to their recidivism. Clients have to successfully complete 4 phases/competencies, in addition to required bi-monthly Assessments, as well as their need to be fully engaged in various treatment interventions.

The goal of this group is to address court issues that led to on-going criminal behaviors.


Level II 4+ clients will be charged an additional $150 after intake for all assessments and also
required to pay for Case Management sessions, $15/15 minutes. Please expect a minimum of 6-10
Case Management sessions, each session 15– 60 minutes, over the course of Level II 4+ treatment

All charges are due at the time service is rendered or before the treatment session begins.

Schedule of Services

All special charges are due prior to when the service is rendered.

  • The ONLY excusable absences for court-ordered treatment are a documented medical excuse, documented illness, death in the family, client incarceration, or vacation with travel permit authorization by Probation Officer submitted to Life Recovery Centers. For DUI Therapy, a therapy absence can only be made up with an individual session with an LRC counselor per state regulations. Individual sessions are $75/session unless otherwise noted. DUI therapy make-up must be done the week of the missed session. DUI Education cannot be made up.
  • Clients who re-enter LRC after being discharged due to absences, overdue balance, or any other non-compliance issue will be charged another intake fee for them to re-start services and placed on Strict Compliance. This fee and any balance on the account MUST be paid before the client is allowed to be scheduled for a re-entry (re-instatement) intake.