$40 per group

Relapse Prevention therapy seeks to identify high-risk situations in which an individual is vulnerable to relapse. It uses both cognitive and behavioral coping strategies to prevent future relapse in similar situations. In these groups you will:

All charges are due at the time service is rendered or before the treatment session begins.

Schedule of Services

  • Monday to Friday 7:00AM – 8:00PM
  • Saturday – Sunday No available services

All special charges are due prior to when the service is rendered.

  • The ONLY excusable absences for court-ordered treatment are a documented medical excuse, documented illness, death in the family, client incarceration, or vacation with travel permit authorization by Probation Officer submitted to Life Recovery Centers. For DUI Therapy, a therapy absence can only be made up with an individual session with an LRC counselor per state regulations. Individual sessions are $75/session unless otherwise noted. DUI therapy make-up must be done the week of the missed session. DUI Education cannot be made up.
  • Clients who re-enter LRC after being discharged due to absences, overdue balance, or any other non-compliance issue will be charged another intake fee for them to re-start services and placed on Strict Compliance. This fee and any balance on the account MUST be paid before the client is allowed to be scheduled for a re-entry (re-instatement) intake.